Creatures Colouring Book

In the strange and odd mind of Muffinsaurs live various creatures. Some of
them are known to exist; others are said to be mere myth or folklore. But
these creatures have been discovered and are trapped inside this book
without their colours! Now it is up to you, the chosen one, to save them and
bring colour back into their lives again.
Size:  150mm x 210mm 
Total number of pages: 28pp with 14 sets of doodles to colour.
Paper: 120gsm woodfree paper
Best used with colour pencil, not advisable with watercolour or markers.
To colour with markers, do put another sheet of thicker paper at the back of the page to prevent bleeding through.  
*pssst* This book may not be suitable for young children. It contains pole dancing bears, cats with X for buttholes and nipples. Then again, that is for the parents to decide. :p

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Creatures Colouring Book Set
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